Our Upper School Drama Program includes our curriculum offerings, as well as countless opportunities throughout the school year to participate in theatre and musical productions at Ursuline and Salesianum High School. Our Program design gives you the chance to explore and expand your acting talents whether you are new to theatre or a trained actress.

Our spring curriculum offers three courses created to meet your needs based on your individual acting experience. Exploration of Theatre, which is open to all Upper School students, provides an experiential learning opportunity covering basic acting techniques and history of the performing arts in a laboratory setting where you expand your creative talent and confidence through rehearsal, performance, and collaborative activities. Advanced Acting provides the experienced acting student with more challenging performance materials and explores directing and other non-performance areas of theatre while enhancing existing acting techniques. In this class, our teachers give you more creative control over projects and performances, including a mentorship for first-year theatre students. Musical Theatre 101 works your acting, singing, and dancing talents all at once by learning about various elements of musical theatre like never before. The final project includes a performance of a scene leading up to and including a song from a Broadway musical.

To complement our curriculum offerings, you are encouraged to participate in the audition process for multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. These theatre productions include but are not limited to the Annual Ursuline Academy Halloween Festival, the Annual One-Act Play Festival, and the Salesianum Spring Musical. Participation in the productions also includes set design, lighting and sound operation, stage management, and musical accompaniment, among others. Ursuline’s stage and drama department is an inclusive community that has turned novices into seasoned actresses, some of whom have launched professional careers, by sparking their love of theatre and drama and giving them a great outlet for their interest.