Leadership Development

Ursuline Academy empowers students for leadership and service in our community and global society. Our Academy-wide, age 3 through grade 12, Leadership Program provides an innovative, student-centered curriculum that draws forth the innate leadership characteristics of every student.

The foundation of an Ursuline Leader begins in our Early Childhood Program. Through classroom lessons, our teachers’ guidance, and a focus on living Serviam, our Kindergarten and Montessori 5 students understand the importance of being role models for our younger students, and our Pre-K, M3, and M4 students show their developing leadership skills by stepping up to perform cooperative tasks to benefit their teachers and fellow students. By the time our Early Childhood students enter our Lower School, they are prepared for the increased responsibility required for success in our advanced curriculum and are excited to demonstrate their flourishing leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. The leadership traits our teachers foster in your child grow with each year of development at Ursuline Academy, creating a student leader that eventually becomes an industry leader, a community leader, and a family leader.