Leadership Development

Ursuline Academy empowers students for leadership and service in our community and global society. Our campus-wide, age 3 through grade 12, leadership program provides an innovative, student-centered curriculum that draws forth the innate leadership characteristics of every student.

Our Lower School Leadership Development Program builds on the foundation of respect, social awareness, and cooperation set in our Early Childhood Program and emphasizes leadership through personal relationships in our Primary and Intermediate Programs. Our Lower School teachers initiate the process of differentiating between self and others for our co-ed student body by teaching responsibility, self-discipline, and compassion through experiences both in and out of the classroom. The Lower School Buddy Program pairs older students to mentor young students in various activities throughout the year. The younger students are able to interact and connect with the older students. These lessons help our students distinguish what it means to be a good role model and leader and how that differs from following the crowd, which translates to positive relationships and choices in Middle School and beyond.

An Ursuline Leader in our Lower School is a problem-solver who sees a challenge and overcomes it. An Ursuline Leader encourages classmates to reach their goals, excels academically and displays self-discipline, helps those in need, and aids teachers in the classroom by being positive role models for others. By identifying and developing these traits of leadership, our Lower School program helps our students identify their place in the world and empowers them to make a positive difference.