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The School for Growth… Ursuline Academy’s Lower School, which includes our Early Childhood Program, educates boys and girls ages 3 through grade 5 and integrates a variety of subject offerings with a harmonious and inviting classroom environment for the development of the whole child. Your child comes to school every day ready and excited to learn because of our teachers’ philosophy of developing each child’s learning potential through hands-on discovery, cultural enrichment, and Christian love. And your child will want to stay, even after the bell rings, because of the nurturing community our teachers create to promote a positive sense of self and compassion for others in each student. By fostering our students’ creativity, thoughtfulness, imagination, innovation, and love, our faculty and staff identify each student’s unique learning style. Through the use of a variety of personalized methods and strategies to enhance learning, each student’s ultimate academic goals are met.

Our teachers also foster awareness of how each child’s actions impact the classroom, the school environment, and ultimately the world around them. By encouraging responsibility and Christian love through Serviam, our teachers help our students understand how positive choices create positive feelings in them and those around them. In the classroom, your child explores Ursuline history and the impact St. Angela has had on countless communities throughout the world. By developing young learners who are academically challenged, scholastically balanced, and socially conscious, Ursuline Academy’s Lower School fosters generations of student leaders who understand the world around them and have the drive to make a difference.

  • Annual Musical, Christmas Concert, and Spring Concert
  • Bible Ceremony
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Field Day
  • Fiesta Celebration
  • Holy Eucharist Liturgy
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Halloween Parade
  • Lenten Prayer Service
  • New Life Liturgy
  • Santa’s Shop