Ursuline’s Montessori Program introduces your child to the adventure of learning by integrating the core values of St. Angela Merici, along with the methods of Maria Montessori, to lay a strong foundation for academic and social success. Our students work individually and cooperatively in a nurturing multi-age environment to master challenging concepts through teacher- and self- initiated experiences. Our Montessori environment promotes advanced language and analytical skill development for our M3 and M4 students who work and play with our M5 students and cultivates leadership and social skills for our M5 students who serve as role models in the classroom. Our students not only master academic and life skills necessary for success in our Lower School but also develop self-confidence and character from the loving and nurturing family environment our teachers create to show the depths of God’s love.

Language Arts
Our Montessori Program is a natural extension of fostering your child’s existing patterns of communication. Our Program builds a foundation for reading through mental and physical activity which is consistently interwoven with our curriculum in all areas of learning. Through every conversation, every story told, and every new word taught, your child learns how to read. Throughout the Montessori setting, children hear and use a precise vocabulary for all activities. Beginning with the alphabet, the foundations of oral language development, written expression, sentence structure, and reading are mastered through the use of materials in all curriculum areas allowing your child to link sounds, symbols, and concepts. Because of the age diversity that exists in our Montessori classrooms, our youngest learners at age 3 strive to “do what the big kids can do” at age 5 and 6, creating a natural interest for your child to launch into reading.

Our Montessori students use hands-on learning materials, created specifically by Dr. Montessori, to make abstract math concepts clear and concrete. With these tools, your child not only sees the symbol for 1, 1000, or ½, they can hold corresponding quantities in their hands, which promotes greater math comprehension in our primary grades. Specific math areas are located throughout our classrooms for students to engage in the applied comprehension of mathematical ideas ranging from simple to more abstract.

Culture and Nature
Cultural enrichment and respect for both our natural and learning environments are key components of our program. Teachers focus equally on incorporating world culture, history, and arts into their lessons, as they do in creating a “peaceful environment” for all of our learners. To emphasize the importance of sustaining our natural world, our Outdoor Classroom provides hands-on exploration for your child to cultivate natural wonders, which increases your child’s interest in scientific fields. By emphasizing the importance of building and sustaining positive environments, your child understands the significance of developing responsible relationships and, in turn, cultivates healthy self-esteem.

Spiritual Nature
By promoting God’s love through our warm and nurturing classroom environments, our Early Childhood teachers instill in your child a spiritual foundation that will only grow in time at Ursuline. By focusing on the sacred nature of each student’s special graces and talents, your child learns the importance of their role in God’s community and in service to others through Serviam, which increases empathy and social consciousness at an early age.


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