Our Upper School Music Program offers an extensive variety of musical opportunities whether your interest is instrumental, solo vocal, or choral vocal. Through our curriculum and local music partnerships, you have access to state-of-the-art equipment and music professionals with years of developed experience, which helps you thrive and excel in your chosen musical discipline.

Our Upper School students interested in instrumental music have unique curriculum opportunities through our Wind Ensemble partnership with Salesianum High School and our Chamber Group program, hosted at Ursuline. The co-ed Wind Ensemble group is a wonderful opportunity for instrumentalists to play in a large-scale setting with many concert opportunities, including Marching Band performances. This group performs at concerts, assemblies, and dinners, as well as Salesianum’s graduation, and offers an exceptional socio-musical experience for all participants. Members of the Wind Ensemble are invited to travel on the spring band trip to various locations and participate in four parades annually. Our Chamber Music group provides our instrumentalists a distinctive opportunity to work on skills while having fun performing at prayer services and masses. This class satisfies the instrumental requirement you need to be part of the Delaware All-State Band Auditions.

Our Vocal Instruction Program includes a wide variety of course options and experiences for those looking to explore and expand their talents. Our Upper School Choral Arts Program consists of Chapel Choir, which provides an opportunity for students to strengthen the basic rubrics of choral singing, and Concert Choir, which is a vocal performance class devoted to singing traditional women’s and mixed choral literature with students from Salesianum. Chapel Choir meets before school three days a week and rehearses primarily for liturgical events, in which the repertoire includes works from the Renaissance to Contemporary periods. Concert Choir has flexible scheduling options and explores elements of contemporary singing. Performances include the Christmas concert and Evening of the Art’s concert in the spring, along with trips every other year to domestic destinations.

And for those who just love to sing, our A-Ca-Pop 101 course lets you discover your inner musical talent and let it shine on the stage. This class allows you to practice the art of pop singing and teaches proper techniques in a studio environment with a daily dose of singing on mics, mixers, and stage. The self and group assessment nature of this class works across academic disciplines and strengthens your confidence on the stage, the athletic field, and in your next classroom presentation.