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Seventh Grade Science Fair

On February 4th, our seventh graders presented their science fair projects to a group of judges. Each judge is a part of our Ursuline Academy community and work in STEM fields:
Mr. Wilson Tam, a retired chemist from DuPont - Both of his daughters are Ursuline graduates.
Juliann Purcell ‘07, Neuro research scientist
Colleen Carson ‘95, Engineer working with plastic like materials
We were honored to have them with us to listen and judge all of the seventh grade projects! The girls had fascinating experiments and presented themselves well. Congratulations to all of our 7th graders! Way to go girls!
Chemistry/ Mathematics
1. Grace Smith
2. Jillian Corson
3. Morgan Gracey
Physical Science
1. Sophia Considine
2. Anna Garcia
3. Lucy Schofield
Life Science
1. Claire Binkley
2. Makenna Mastrota
3. Caroline Baag
Community Impact award: Maria Medori
Creativity award: Rachel Robins
Originality award: Sophia Albano
Presenter award: Milana Lofton
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