As the capstone to Ursuline’s Leadership Program, students in the Upper School transition from today’s girls to tomorrow’s leaders. Our Leadership curriculum centers on self-awareness, communication skills, team building, and self-confidence and provides you with a variety of hands-on opportunities to become successful leaders in school and the greater community.

In the tradition of St. Angela Merici, our mission is to develop true Ursuline Leaders, whose traits consist of:

Serviam – An Ursuline Leader acts with compassion, in service to God and others and with concern for the greater community.

Confidence – An Ursuline Leader has courage, the belief in her ability to achieve success in whatever endeavor she chooses, yet does so with a sincere humility.

Innovation – A leader in the Ursuline tradition is a creative thinker who believes at all times a better solution is possible and together we will find it.

In order to achieve our Leadership Program goals, we offer our Upper School Leadership Development Curriculum, which is a graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2016. Our unique program is just another way our Upper School focuses solely on you and what you need to succeed as a young female leader in college, career, and for life.

With the combination of instruction and skill application, our Leadership course, “Today’s Girls Tomorrow’s Leaders,” continues the long Ursuline tradition of empowering young women to be leaders in today’s global society through Serviam, confidence, and innovation. The class further develops your foundational leadership skills and emphasizes public speaking, financial literacy, Serviam project management, and charity promotion through volunteerism. Additional course goals and strategies include improvement of speaking and listening skills in large and small group settings; assertiveness training, risk taking and conflict resolution; group dynamics awareness and teambuilding; employment writing and preparation; personal development; and organizational and time management.