At Ursuline Academy, Science courses prepare you not only for a variety of science-oriented professions but also for becoming well-informed, responsible citizen in our 21st century technological society. Our science curriculum features laboratory- and activity- based classes that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills while necessitates the use of your laptop to collect and analyze data. Our teachers encourage collaboration with your classmates in self-directed or inquiry-based projects, which enhances your analytical skills and fosters academic-related partnerships with your classmates. Our curriculum design also ensures all students are introduced to the core sciences and have the opportunity to take one or more AP Science Classes. 

Each science facility has its own dedicated classroom/lab combination, allowing for instruction flexibility. Throughout the day, you may find Biology students examining microorganisms, extracting DNA from plants, writing dichotomous keys, or testing for proteins and carbohydrates in different substances; Chemistry students examining properties of different compounds and elements, separating substances, studying chemical reactions, and modeling chemicals and chemical behavior; or Physics students measuring the acceleration of a falling object, investigating mass and velocity relationships during collisions, determining the focal length of a lens, or studying  the motion of a charge within an electric field or magnetic field. 

Our science curriculum follows a traditional sequence of Biology in grade 9, Physics or Honors Chemistry in grade 10, Chemistry in grade 11, and Environmental Science in grade 12. As a junior and senior, you also have the option to take our AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Physics courses. Through our comprehensive offerings, our teachers ensure you have the opportunity to explore a variety of scientific disciplines, which encourage and foster your innate fascination and interest in math, science, engineering, and technology related fields in college and beyond.