Social Studies

The Upper School Social Studies curriculum at Ursuline Academy provides a foundation of active citizenship in our global community through an understanding of the past, awareness of the present, and application for the future. By incorporating critical thinking, emerging technology, creative problem solving, and communication skills, our teachers focus not only on the study of historical facts and events but also on the development of ideas and themes that transcend academic disciplines.

Focused on developing young women as leaders who possess the intellectual and critical thinking skills to serve our school, community, and the world, our Social Studies department uses the critical examination and discussion of primary and secondary sources to approach real world problems in light of historical antecedents. Through our interdisciplinary approach to our Social Studies curriculum, you have access to courses ranging from World History and Human Geography to AP Government and Psychology. Our course offerings allow you to pursue a variety of academic interests in Social Studies and History while you expand your world view to study not just what people have done in the past but why and in what political and social climates they have done it.

Our Social Studies department offers a variety of flexible course options, including online classes, for students in grades 9 – 12 to meet your individual needs and cultivate your academic interests. As a freshman, you enter our curriculum with the option of either course study in World History, focusing on the global interdependence of major geographic regions of today’s world, or AP Human Geography, introducing you to the systematic study of human patterns and processes throughout time. Your sophomore study includes a continuation of the World History curriculum or focuses on an in-depth study of European History from the Renaissance and Reformation to the post-World War II era in the AP European History course, which is designed to equal a two semester college introductory history course. As a junior, our curriculum provides an in-depth survey of American History from colonial times to the present in either our honors level course or AP offering. Seniors have access to the greatest variety of course options ranging from Online AP Government to AP Psychology, among others. Our flexible course offerings give you the ability to expand your range of historical studies while also carrying a course load that meets your individual academic needs.