Focused on educating the whole student, our Upper School Wellness curriculum focuses on enriching your physical and emotional health through activities both in and out of the classroom. With our state-of-the-art athletic facilities, including our weight training room, our Physical Education courses help you work on improving your existing athletic abilities and instilling a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness. Our Health curriculum addresses issues and topics of interest to you and reviews the scientific components of wellness and human anatomy.

Our Physical Education classes are designed to meet your individual fitness needs whether you are moderately active or compete on a Varsity level sports team. Our teachers work to instill the athletic skill set needed for lifetime activities and sports, including golf, yoga, kickboxing, tennis, weight training, and conditioning, while also teaching a variety of team sports to encourage interest in our athletic programs. As a freshman, you take Physical Education for one semester, and can fulfill your sophomore credit requirement by playing one Ursuline-sponsored sport or take one Strength and Conditioning class.

Our Health curriculum focuses on topics of interest to you such as nutrition and fitness, personal safety and awareness, stress reduction, and careers related to health and physical education, among others. You are required to take one semester of Health your freshmen year. Through in-class discussions, textbook review, and guest speakers, you gain valuable knowledge important to maintaining your physical, mental, and social health and are exposed to careers in medicine, health, and physical fitness.