World Language

Ursuline Academy’s Upper School World Language Programs help you develop a broader awareness and understanding of people from various countries and cultures while also bringing you closer to your peers at Ursuline Schools throughout the world. Our Program offers language immersion in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish and teaches listening, reading, writing, and speaking with an advanced study of communication, culture, connections, and communities. By using authentic contemporary media and enriching the experience with field trips and foreign travel, you emerge from our curriculum with a strong communicative competency and a multi-lingual skill set immensely valuable in today’s global society.

Our French and Spanish course offerings start with a basic introduction to vocabulary, sentence structure, reading comprehension, and writing development and progresses to verbal and written fluency of complex issues and concepts in culturally-specific contexts. As a French or Spanish student, you can advance through five levels of language instruction culminating in either the Level V Honors course or the AP course your senior year. Through your in-depth practice of reading, writing, and speaking based on original texts from France or Spain and the Spanish-American world, you develop language fluency in the proper cultural context, providing a unique insight in social and political issues in different regions of the world and a greater sense of social consciousness.

Our Latin curriculum, which is based on five levels of instruction culminating with the Level V Honors course, teaches you the language foundation of Western Civilization and increases your aptitude in almost every academic discipline offered at Ursuline and beyond. Latin I and II introduce basic language components, emphasizing vocabulary, sentence structure, reading comprehension, and the cultural importance of Ancient Rome in the establishment of Western Society. Latin III, IV, and V teach English-to-Latin translation, textual analysis of Latin literary texts by historically significant authors including Pliny, Ovid, Cicero, and Virgil, and comprehensive composition projects emphasizing proper grammar and writing techniques.

Ursuline’s dynamic Chinese curriculum introduces students to Chinese language and culture, which is an incredibly important course of study for success in today’s global business and industry field. Your study, which offers four levels of language instruction culminating in either the Level IV Honors course or the AP course, introduces you to vocabulary and tonal basics while progressing to advanced conversational and written comprehension, including mastery of Chinese language characters. Your language study continuously expands against the backdrop of historical and modern Chinese culture and events, giving you a unique perspective as both a student and active participant in the global world.