Visual Arts

Our Early Childhood Visual Arts Program speaks to our youngest learners’ natural creativity and provides them with a space to explore their own talent and vision. Through activities such as painting, drawing, and art composition using a variety of mediums, your child explores the vast world of visual art while improving fine motor skills and dexterity. By tapping into your child’s imagination and ingenuity, our teachers unlock academic potential and help build connections between subject areas.

Our Visual Arts Program exposes your child to the world of painting, drawing, photography, and composition as early as age 3 to instill an appreciation for everyone’s individual talents and the beauty that lies in creative expression. Starting with students in our Pre-K, Montessori 3, and Montessori 4 Programs, our teachers use a variety of materials and mediums to explore the principles of design and elements of art. Developing works of art, establishing an art vocabulary, implementing varied mediums and techniques, and introducing famous artists and art history provide the foundation for our program. Students in Kindergarten and Montessori 5 build on their previous art education and develop a greater sense of spatial awareness and perspective through more advanced projects and lessons.

Our Early Childhood students work on a number of projects throughout the school year and revel in the experience of having it on display for the whole school to see, especially during our Annual Art Show. Your child develops a sense of creative pride and greater confidence in self-expression, which paves the way for future academic and social success. Our Fine Arts Department’s primary goal through our Early Childhood Visual Arts Program is for each child to develop a true appreciation for the arts, think creatively, and be proud of the work they create.