Visual Arts

Lower School Art Gallery

Our Lower School Visual Arts Program encourages our students to be creative, discerning, and expressive in a classroom environment of innovation, interaction, and fun. Our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and materials under the guidance of world-class teachers, which enhances their learning experience and motivates enhanced application of their newly learned skills. By exposing your child to the exciting world of Visual Arts, our teachers not only unlock untapped artistic potential but encourage an increased aptitude in other creative ventures, including science, engineering, and technology.

Our Visual Arts instructors in our Fine Arts Department use numerous materials and methods to teach basic art principles in four key areas - concept, execution, editing, and presentation – across the variety of mediums. By emphasizing the tenets of proper composition, our program helps your child develop a deeper interest in the arts, which translates to greater appreciation of different cultures and traditions in our Global Education Curriculum. Our teachers integrate elements of design into every art lesson and use a substantial art history program with slides, prints, and visits to museums to clearly illustrate the real-world application of art theory. Your child is also encouraged to participate in local student art exhibitions and art service projects for local nonprofits and charities.

By dedicating ourselves to the education of the whole child, Ursuline Academy provides your child with diverse course offerings, including Visual Arts. Exposure to and interest in the arts at a young age develops a child who is curious about the world around them and excited to learn more. Through our program, your child cultivates an insatiable appetite for lifelong learning and cultural awareness that, over time, becomes a deeper social consciousness and empathy for others.