Art Matters

Creativity takes courage, and our arts faculty strives each day to encourage students to unleash their imaginations, their voices and their heartfelt sounds.

Opportunities in the arts abound within our hallways, stages and classrooms.  This is the perfect place to learn from professionals working in the arts, hone your emerging skills, and challenge your intellect to produce and share part of yourself with the outside world.

Come explore your expressive side with us, and know that we are here by your side when you decide to step outside your comfort zone.


Erin McNichol

Fine Arts Chairperson / Upper School Innovation and Leadership Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6273


Kathi Beck

Lower School Art Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6420


April Macgregor

Lower School Music and Performing Arts Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6419

Lynda Churay

Social Studies Chairperson / Upper School Fine Arts Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6491


Danielle Morris

Middle / Upper School Fine Arts Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6420

Joe Louden

Middle/Upper School Fine Arts Teacher / Campus Minister

302-658-7158, ext. 6489


Kim Walton

Lower / Middle School Band Teacher

302-658-7158, ext. 6417