Portrait of a Graduate

We are citizens.

We take ownership in our place in a community that extends beyond the immediate.

We recognize our part in a complex and ever-changing landscape, aware of the struggles and strengths of peoples near and far.

We include all voices, acknowledging that cooperation is the key to harmony.

We exalt the humility, compassion, and love we see reflected in each other and the world around us.

We connect the events of the world to our own lives.


We are pioneers.

We navigate the unknown with a confidence in ourselves and our faith in others.

We dare to be companions to new ideas, peoples, and places.

We ignite our communities.

We awake every day to a world that challenges us, and we challenge it back.

We share our passion and resilience with all who need it.


We are disciples.

We devote ourselves to model Christian values through serving family, neighbors, and the world at large.

We evangelize the virtues and legacy of the Ursuline family, following the path of St. Angela Merici.


We are thinkers.

We relish the pursuit of finding those moments in life that ignite our curiosity.

We reflect on ourselves and ruminate on the inner universe of others great and small.

We daydream of our futures and create the circumstances to realize them from within ourselves.

We wander and wonder.