Serviam Field

Ursuline Academy provides our student-athletes with state-of-the-art facilities to practice, play, and grow. Our Athletic Department maintains our on-campus and off-campus facilities, including the Laffey-McHugh Gymnasium, NEW Dance Studio (coming soon!), and Serviam Field, and partners with local organizations to ensure our students have access to the accommodations they need for training and competition. Ursuline student-athletes use the following athletic locations for their specified sport:


  • Cross Country:  Delaware State Parks
  • Field Hockey:  Serviam Field
  • Volleyball:  Laffey-McHugh Gymnasium


  • Basketball:  Laffey-McHugh Gymnasium
  • Dance:  Anna Raskob Auditorium (Temporary)
  • Indoor Track and Field:  Serviam Field
  • Swimming and Diving:  H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club Pool


  • Crew:  Newport Rowing Club
  • Golf:  Ed Oliver Golf Club
  • Lacrosse:  Serviam Field
  • Soccer:  Serviam Field
  • Softball:  Midway Softball Complex
  • Tennis:  Rodney Street Tennis Courts
  • Track and Field:  Serviam Field

For additional information on and directions to our sports facilities, please visit www.UARaidersSports.com.