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One Enchanted Evening:  Arts Hall of Fame Induction

On October 6, 2016, we rolled out the red carpet for six exceptional alumnae who exemplify excellence in the Arts.

Each recipient of the Arts Hall of Fame Award had a claim to fame as well as a call to serve.  The honorees shared stories of how they have shared their gifts for the benefit of others.

Tears of joy were shed as recipients recalled their years in the halls of Ursuline and wistfully passed on their own musings of how they became successful, not just as an artist, but as a global citizen.

It was an unforgettable night that still stirs within our hearts and inspires our next generation of Ursuline Academy teachers and student artists.


Sharon Kelly Baker ’69

  • Director, Writer, Producer
  • Founder: Teleduction, Serviam Media, Inc.

Marilyn Marta Biles ’53

  • Teacher, Curator, Exhibitor of art (Paris, United States)

Aynsley Ingls ’05

  • Ballerina, Corps de Ballet
  • Dance coach


June Julian ’60

  • Painter, Fiber Art, Photographer
  • Professor
  • Author
  • Founder: Art Intendo

Nancy Bartoshesky Lynch ’68

  • Director, Teacher
  • Chairperson: Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Delaware Theater Company

Aubrey Plaza ’02

  • Actress, Director